If you suffer from Long Covid, are constantly tired and fatigued or have other symptoms, our app can help you better understand and manage your symptoms.
Our app for Long Covid:
Your everyday companion
The most important features
Use our medication tracker to make sure you don't forget any of your medicines. The smart reminders help you take your medication. You can select, manage and track multiple medications. This way you always keep the overview!
With the app, you can survey different factors that influence your Long Covid symptoms. You can link the app with all common wearables. In addition, other data points are measured by the sensor technology of your mobile phone. These data points help us to give you further insights into your symptoms.
You can easily share the data with your treatment team. This will help them better understand your symptoms and improve your treatment.
Physicians' report
With our interactive logbook, you can keep track of all the factors that are relevant to you and your symptoms. You can note down various points and add to them as you wish.
The Long Covid Course
A daily and weekly schedule helps you navigate through the course and get to grips with the app.
Theme Journeys
Choose different thematic journeys (e.g. pacing, stress or self-reflection) depending on your individual Long Covid symptoms.
Access all content at any time and switch between themed journeys
Exercises, Tips & Tricks
Our exercises, tips & tricks help you manage your everyday life with your individual Long Covid symptoms
Data protection
Your data is safe on German servers. Only you can determine what happens to
your data.
Medical device
Our app is certified as a medical device and meets all current quality standards.
The app was developed in collaboration with leading researchers, universities and affected people.
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The app for a more predictable everyday life.