We want to help you better understand your disease and its symptoms. To do so, we use our app to measure and analyse various influencing factors. These analyses help you to proactively manage your symptoms in everyday life.
The Fimo App:
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The app that helps you understand your symptoms
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With the help of our app, you can better understand and thus counteract your symptoms as well as their influencing factors.
Keep track of your medication. Our medication feature reminds you when to take your next dose.
You can increase your concentration and performance with different games and tests.
Our comprehensive course will help you better manage your disease and its symptoms.
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Our tips & tricks will help you deal with different aspects of your condition in everyday life.
Physician's visit
You can easily share the data with your doctors, which will help them with your treatment.
Sarah F.
from Hamburg
"The overview of the influencing factors helps me to keep a better eye on my fatigue."
Daniel P.
from Nürnberg
"The app has helped me understand a whole new context for my Long Covid disease."
Vanessa F.
from Düsseldorf
"The app helps me to better manage my MS and I pay more attention to myself."
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