The Fimo Team
16 employees from 6 countries
Managing Director
Managing Director
Head of IT
Alexander Krawinkel
Dominik Stiegeler
Benedict Höger
Our founders complement each other perfectly

"Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing."

(Arthur Schoppenhauer)

We aim to improve people's health by using data, technology and science. We are united by the belief that individual data is the key to personal health and wellbeing. Our team comes from diverse backgrounds in design, IT, marketing, medicine, psychology, statistics or business and works every day to achieve our common goal: Improving people's health.

Our Fimo Team
Dr. Jana Mäcken
Head of Data Science
Eleni Savvidou
Digital Marketing Manager
Ivo Gottschalk

Quality Manager and PRRC

Marie Wiegand
Psychology Affairs
Robin Witte
Data Architect
Mafujul Islam
Frontend Developer
Firas Ben Mbarek

Android Developer

Shaharyar Ali

iOS Developer

Hossein Amini
Senior Developer
Kariem Abbas
Medical Affairs Intern
Mainul Bhuiyan
Backend Developer
Duane Meurer
Product Manager Intern
Roxanne Pretzsch
Medical Expert
Awais Syed
Android Developer
Talha Jahangiri
Backend Developer

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